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Antwan -Interiors by Antwan

Always an enthusiast for living well, Antwan's eclectic person style is a manifestation of modern sensibilities and his love for fabulous design from decades past. He believes in creating spaces that are chic, smart, soulful, personal and delightful. Though every project inspires a completely unique concept, each of his interiors feels simultaneously cozy, glamorous and fresh.

Why we like Interiors By Antwan?


Antwan has been an absolute delight throughout our designing process! He's very open to our wild thoughts and on several occasions has independently scavenged some unique spaces to bring our vision to life! We can't wait to share the beauty of his technical basis and our vision with you! 

Contact Info:

Connect on FB @DesignerAntwan
Phone : 602-332-3934

Glam Health and Wellness Medical Spa- Tajuana Johnson, NP

Tajuana Johnson has been in health care for over 15 years. Weight Loss and beauty is where her passion lies, as she knows this can be an ongoing struggle for both men and women. She loves encouraging people to be the best version of themselves physically and spiritually to create wholeness and wellness. Her product array includes UItrasound and Lipo (non-invasive), Buttocks Enhancement (Vacuum Therapy) , Vaginal Steams, Lipo B12 Injections, Weight Loss Plans, Body Wraps, and more!


Why we like Glamour Health and Wellness? 

We love that Glam' emphasizes internal health and wellness and believes that translates even more than the external changes. The cherry on top is the owner Tajuana Johnson's care and demeanor leaves you feeling a bit more radiant then when you entered! Check out her website for an array of traditional and cutting edge beauty and health treatments.

Contact Info:

Phone : 708-613-5665