There's Levels to this and we'll meet you where you are!


We’ll take you through the basics of Cigars

Have you ever walked into a Cigar lounge and it felt as cold as a Chicago winter? Well many times the “Novice” is given a Cigar and left to figure the rest out. Imagine just being introduced to Cigars and being asked what type of cut you’d like? Well at Fumar we apply the Fumar Method™ to our customers to gauge where you are in your journey and equip you with tangible information you can immediately apply and take home to your friends and family. Also some very good lines that are sure to impress on that sexy date!


Let us share over 25 years of Cigar knowledge to take you on the purest journey of Cigars around. We also offer a variety of courses like Cigars in 0-60 to take our visitors through the fundamentals. 


We won’t leave you in the dust..

Are you curious about Cigars but find the atmosphere a bit intimidating? Have no idea on where to begin? No need to fear! We’re here to help. We’ll take you through the basics of cigars from how to smoke (hint, you don’t need to inhale), cuts, body, wrappers, and strength of cigars. It’s a lot but we promise to bring it to you in a straight and simplified manner.


It's All About You!

A special nod to our enthusiasts! You’ve charted the deep blue seas to hone in on what notes speak to you, what spirits compliment your palette, and you share your bounty of knowledge with those around you. We celebrate you and the journey that has derived your Cigar DNA. If you’d have us, we’d love to bring you more of what you love as well as the opportunity to broaden your horizons with a selection that expounds upon your magic formula. It’s of chief importance that we provide an atmosphere that allows you to dive right into your pleasure. We are here to ensure your experience continues to be rich and enjoyable.



Your Chariot Awaits You!

Our Chief Cigar Officer heart smiles every time we plan for you. This is a special space where whether you’re born in 1956 or 1996, we come together to bond over Cigars and simply being human. In style of course. Our membership includes dedicated staff in a modern and inviting space. The membership lounge overlooks an exclusive private patio.


We understand the importance of enjoying the limited hours in your day and strive to bring as much as we can to you. We offer onsite  members only grooming services, dedicated staff to keep your glasses full and two private patios for when you're feeling like fresh air.

We host a variety of different events to ensure our members are up to date on the latest Cigar offerings, tying the perfect tie, making the perfect Manhattan, and a plethora of unique entertainment. We make it our duty to stay abreast of all things to make your limited time that much more enjoyable.